I Worry About The Staffers

Whenever the potential for a work stoppage enters the stage of public debate it becomes troublesome to see senior executives comment on how many opportunities their musicians have to supplement their income outside the ensemble or how much less some other supposedly peer orchestra pays their musicians. Not only do those tactics (or perspectives if you prefer) send a disturbing message to the musicians and patrons, many executives fail to realize that it sends an equally dismal message to their own staffers…

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The Fragile Powerhouse

Adaptistration People 099

Hot on the heels of developments in San Antonio the labor situation in Detroit seem to be building pressure… On 8/22, The Detroit Free Press published an article by music writer Mark Stryker which outlines the crux of the issues in the ongoing negotiations. You can get yourself up to speed by going through that article and kudos to Stryker for using data freely available from the International Conference of Symphony …

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Looks Like The Gloves Are Coming Off At San Antonio

At the very end of last week, the San Antonio Symphony Association began distributing an email message to donors from President and CEO David Green entitled “San Antonio Symphony – Labor Negotiations Update.” Green uses the lengthy email message to present some of the Association’s bargaining positions as well as soliciting recipients “thoughts and feedback on the enclosed presentation…at (210) 554-1000 x111 or greend@sasymphony.org”…

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