Why Do You Rob Banks?

“Because that’s where the money is.” In the same manner, if you want creative outreach programs, let the musicians figure out how to do it and let them oversee the monetary distribution process. To that end, I discovered a program here at the Springfield (MO) Symphony Orchestra (SSO) designed to do exactly that and I sat down with the SSO music director (more on this from his perspective) and one of …

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When Everything Comes Together

Only time for a brief post today as things here in Springfield are keeping me busy with 16 hour days but it’s worth it to enjoy the unique satisfaction of a productive, sincere, and provocative board retreat. The first half of the retreat went off without a hitch and everyone walked away feeling invigorated and very positive. Granted, it helps when the organization is in a very good place to begin …

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Some Quick Revisionism

Given the popularity of the article from May 12, 2009 which examined the recent and projected base musician compensation levels at the largest budget orchestras, it seems poignant to point out that shortly after the article was published the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) announced that musicians have agreed to salary and service concessions through the end of the 2010/11 season…

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Off To Springfield

I’ll be in Springfield, MO for the remainder of the week working with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra on a capacity building strategic planning program but that doesn’t mean I won’t be blogging for the remainder of the week. There’s news brewing from the Southwest and Ark-La-Tex regions that will need reporting and I have yet to get the details out for the Big Idea mentioned last month. Speaking of Springfield (in this case IL not MO), have you seen this? I know, it is 4100 words long but take the time to give it a good read – it’s a 10/10 on the “wow” meter.

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Giving It All Up For Just A Little Bit More

The 5/17/2009 edition of the Chicago Tribune published an article by John von Rhein that takes a much broader look at orchestra employee expenses than most traditional media articles on the topic. Instead of focusing primarily on expense reduction initiatives focused squarely on orchestra musician salary cuts and those from administrators and staffers, he takes a closer look music directors and guest artists (conductors and soloists)…

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