If You Listen, You Can Hear It Coming

It is almost June and that can only mean one thing at Adaptistration: the Orchestra Compensation Reports! This year’s reports feature all of the recompense goodness you’ve grown to love along with a few new twists. And no matter how hard you try, it just isn’t possible to separate timely revelations about Wall Street executive compensation practices from the orchestra figures awaiting us next week…

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Enough Of What I Think, What’s Your Opinion?

The ubiquitous standing ovation. Just about every orchestra musician that blogs has written about this topic at one point or another and most share a common thread; audience response to a lackluster performance with a standing ovation can have an unintentional demoralizing impact. During the Springfield Symphony Orchestra (MO) board retreat last week, we talked about how the organization can develop its interaction with the audience and this topic popped up. But instead of warming up stale conversation leftovers, the organization’s board president, John Simmons, offered an intriguing personal encounter that is worth sharing…

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So How Do You Really Feel?

Lock up the liquor, hide the kids, and brace yourselves as conductor Bill Eddins has something to share on the painful subject of cutting staff. In particular, Eddins directs his in-case-you-miss-the-point-easily-let-me-make-it-painfully-clear pointed commentary squarely at those shouldering the task of deciding which employees stay and which go. His advice is not only well timed but could serve as a chapter in the Orchestra Management for Dummies book (wait, that doesn’t exist yet)…

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Hero For Hire

Well, I wouldn’t go that far but it is was very humbling to run across this article in the 5/25/2009 edition of sbj.net (Springfield Business Journal Online), thanks to SBJ for taking an interest in the projects and to Ron Spigelman for calling me a “truth seeker” – which sounds vaguely like Marvel comics character. Nonetheless, last week’s retreat with the Symphony couldn’t have gone better and I’m looking forward to returning at the end of this week to work with the Arts Council…

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Mission Accomplished?

It has been a little while since we checked in on the situation brewing at the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra (SSO) and since both parties involved in the dispute have recently issued statements; it is high time for an update. If you’re not already familiar with previous events, here is what has happened so far…

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