What’s Old Is New Again

It has been awhile since we examined the world of rare string instruments but a recent post by fellow Inside The Arts blogger Lynn Harrell has kick started the conversation. His article, Dealers And Stealers, examines the issue from a perspective not often discussed in an open forum. Lynn starts out talking about “…dealers out there who scour the schools and prestigious music festivals in search of innocent young very promising string players for the purpose of cultivating a prospective sale of one of their fine instruments.” It just gets better from there…

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It’s Black Friday

In the spirit of frenzied spending, Adaptistration is offering its own one day only Black Friday sale: 40% off an Orchestra Website Review subscription at Adaptistration Premium. You can help yourself to this massive discount by visiting the secret discount page (sorry, the promotion has expired).

Speaking of Black Friday sales, even though I’m on dozens of orchestra mailing lists, I didn’t receive a single Black Friday promotion from an orchestra among the flood of promotional emails this morning…

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Oh, It Is So On!

As a proud Chicagoan, I love my NHL Western Conference Division leading Chicago Blackhawks. So you can imagine how disturbing it was to see my California based doppelganger (this Drew McManus) boasting on Facebook that the San Jose Sharks would beat the Hawks in tonight’s game. I immediately gave Drew grief, an exchange ensued, and we ended up with the following bet: in the unlikely event the Sharks win, he gets Adaptistration for two days and when the Balckhawks win, one of my 501(c)(3) readers will receive a free fundraising project on Bring Light. It is so on…

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Did Victor Borge Predict Voice Recognition Software?

Although it has been around for more than decade, speech recognition software has never really lived up to its hype. As someone who has dabbled with various incarnations from the major providers, each offering has been one disappointment after another. Consequently, I didn’t think much of a video review entitled Speech Recognition for Bloggers – The Ultimate Guide but I’m glad I took the time to watch, and so will you…

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Office Space: Springfield Symphony (MO) Orchestra

Who doesn’t like taking a look into someone else’s office? I know I do and whenever possible, I like to take the time to profile some of better orchestra office spaces when the opportunity permits. At the end of the 2008/09 season, I spent some time in Springfield, MO working with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra (SSO) where I was struck by their office space. If you subscribe to a correlation between office space and productivity, you’re going to be interested in what the SSO folks have accomplished…

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