People Are Attracted To Winners

That’s precisely what I told Jeff Karoub from the Associated Press yesterday when we were talking about the differences between for profit and nonprofit business strategies for dealing with a tough economy. One substantial difference is related to what I call the Fragile Powerhouse concept, which dictates that not only do performing arts organizations fail to benefit from laying off workers during down periods, but that course of action has a prolonged negative impact on overall artistic quality and institutional prowess…

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Detroit Deadline Passes, Now What?

In short, “not much.” It seems that both sides have agreed to play and talk under the terms and conditions from the expired contract. However, the term play is used loosely in this sense as there are no concerts scheduled until October. I’m planning on posting something more about all of this later in the week once my work deadlines have loosened up but in the meantime…

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Detroit Rebuttal and Venture’s Launch

Now that primary development recently wrapped up, we’ve been hard at work getting Venture’s sales and support site ready for launch. To that end, I’m happy to say that all things being equal, that should take place sometime between Monday and Wednesday next week…

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The Minions Have Spoke!

There’s nothing quite as cumbersome as an email list filled with non-responders and as it turns out, the email list here at Adaptistration has grown so large that my email list minions told me we needed to weed out some names. Fortunately, the email service I use, Vertical Response, has a handy feature that lets the minions automatically create a segmented list based on non-responder parameters that can be used to verify recipients…

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A Comprehensive Look At Detroit

The 8/24/2010 edition of the Detroit Free Press published an article by Mark Stryker that digs into the details surrounding the ongoing, and increasingly entrenched, negotiations between the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) and their musicians. Stryker’s article focuses on the fundamental issue of musician compensation: its history, current standing, and potential future…

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