Ready Or Not, The 2011 Website Reviews Are Coming

It’s that time of year again and we’re tooling up the 2011 Orchestra Website Reviews. Everything is being set into motion a little later than normal this year in order to accommodate my consulting schedule so that means you have a little bit of additional time to make sure your site is up to date and ready for evaluation.

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The Arts Administrator's Guide To Becoming A QR Code Superhero

Oh the places you’ll go thanks to the help of QR codes, those little black and white boxes that can be scanned by smartphones. Thanks to a recent news item from the National Arts Marketing Project, it seemed like it was time to review everything you wanted to know about QR Codes but were afraid to ask. So if you’re not already familiar with QR Codes, here’s the low down on what they do and some ideas about how arts groups can use them.

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Why This Business Needs Technology Standards

Community event calendars. Anyone who has had to tackle the task of designing and populating a community calendar knows how much of a pain in the tuches this seemingly straightforward task really is. Those pains are due, in large part, to the complete lack of standards related to how organizations create their respective calendar events, and that needs to change.

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Expect Things To Get Worse In Louisville Before They Get Better

Grinding The Gears

It’s almost as if the Louisville Orchestra (LO) has punched the reset button when it comes to labor dispute tactics, thereby placing both sides all the way back to square one; do not pass go, do not collect $200. In particular, the orchestra announced on 8/24/2011 that it has cancelled all concert events through the end of October, but the real indications of regressive mindset are buried in the statement they released announcing the cancellations.

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The Latest In Arts Management Scandal

It seems that instances of executive abuse, misappropriations, or out and out embezzlement within a nonprofit performing arts group are immune from the impact of economic downturns. The latest instance of this recession proof pastime comes to us from Carmel, IN where reports indicate that the former CEO for Carmel’s Center for the Performing Arts (CCPA), which is owned by the city of Carmel, was caught using institutional resources to carry …

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