So You Think You Can Blog?

Three years and two weeks ago when I launched the Inside The Arts blogging exchange, we had a book review blog called Books On Culture. In its brief blogging life, it was actually quite popular and ever since the original author underwent a few life changes that prevented him from keeping up with the blog’s publication schedule, I’ve been looking for someone to take over.

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The Ugly Website Roundup

No, this isn’t an official installment in the 2011 Orchestra Website Reviews, instead, it’s a recap of the Your Website is Ugly! session from the National Arts Marketing Project Conference (#NAMPC) in Louisville on the benefits of open source software and how it’s changing the business of web development. But I wanted to take some time to examine a few additional items that didn’t make it into the session.

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A Quick Thanksgiving Note


I hope everyone will have the time today to enjoy a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving with family and friends. Something extra to be thankful for if you’re looking for new position  is Adaptistration Jobs now allows job seekers to post resumes which can be viewed by registered job posters (all free of charge)!  All you need to do is:

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Curse You Twitter!

I was planning on posting a nice roundup article about the Your Website Is Ugly! session from the National Arts Marketing Project Conference but much of the content I wanted to reference was from the Twitter hashtag #uglywebsites and for whatever reason, Twitter is having some sort of psychitzophrenic episode and the entire thread appears to have gone missing.

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