Time To Binge Read ‘Who’s Minding The Score?’


It has been 21 months since Paul Dixon inked the final entry in his weekly cartoon Who’s Minding The Score?, which chronicles the behind the scenes governance of the fictional Ft. Fitzer Philharmonic (FFP). Although it may come across as using absurdist humor to parody the complex issues related to contemporary orchestra governance, anyone with some insider perspective can pick out the strong threads of realism. In the end, that’s what …

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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone will have the time today to enjoy a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving with family and friends. If you have a bit of extra time today, swing by Adaptistration Jobs and for all of our non-US readers: get back to work! (but not too hard)  😉

Whoever Said Musicians Are Lazy Never Met This Guy

Here’s a little something today for anyone looking for some good news. National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) principal trombone, Craig Mulcahy, recently underwent rotator cuff surgery on his left shoulder which will leave him without the use of that arm for anywhere from three to six weeks. Although that’s usually enough to get any good musician down, Mulcahy decided to figure out a meaningful solution for practicing. If you’ve ever watched a …

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Is Your Group Doing Something For Black Friday?

Adaptistration People 107

The onslaught of Thanksgiving shopping days are at hand: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. By this time last year, my inbox was flowing with promotional offers from performing arts organizations but this year is a comparative trickle which makes me wonder if the timing has shifted or if arts groups are scaling back this season. Perhaps performing arts orgs need to get on the radar of deal tracking …

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The One Decision That Could Save Thousands On Your Next Web Redesign

Design Project Relationships

The 11/21/14 edition of SmashingMagazine.com published an article by Paul Boag titled Why You Should Include Your Developer In The Design Process that is an absolute must-read for any arts organization considering a web redesign project. I’ve been trying to write about this very topic for months now but it always ended up on the backburner because it lacked a certain level of conciseness; fortunately, Boag had no such trouble. Ever …

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