If You Aren’t Filtering Out Your Visits In Google Analytics, You’ll Regret It


One of the most fundamental enhancements you should make to your organization’s Google Analytics (GA) account is to create a filtered view that excludes all traffic from employees regularly accessing the site from work and/or personal computers. Doing so will provide a far more accurate picture for how your users flow through your site thereby allowing you to make necessary adjustments. Regardless of your GA skill level, this is super easy …

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A Sad Day: James Erb Has Died

James (Jim) Erb, founder of the Richmond Symphony Chorus and well known for choral arrangements, passed away on 11/11/14 at the age of 88. I consider myself fortunate to have crossed his path and enjoy some one on one time with him over the course of a several years when my wife, Chattanooga Symphony and Opera concertmaster Holly Mulcahy, was a member of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra. There have been numerous …

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How To Succeed In Bringing Your Kids To A Concert Without Really Trying

Adaptistration People 084

In the wake of the whole Michael Tilson Thomas (MTT) kerfuffle over asking a mother and young daughter to move seats in the middle of a performance, Neo Classical author, and Chattanooga Symphony & Opera Concertmaster, Holly Mulcahy published an article with some genuinely spectacular, and simple, steps parents can do to not only prepare their young ones for an enjoyable early concert experience but make the entire process one that …

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Looking For A Job In Chicago?

If you’ve ever had a desire to work in the heart of downtown Chicago, there are now three openings at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance (I can see their front entrance right from my living room) that were recently posted at Adaptistration Jobs: Vice President Of Marketing, Annual Giving And Special Events Manager, and Digital Communications And Design Coordinator. There are also some recently posted listings CEO of Swallow …

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Orchestra 990 Database Project Update


A number of readers have been rattling my cage asking about when the Orchestra 990 Project Kickstarter Mk II project is getting underway. For those not already in the know, the Orchestra 990 Database Project planned to convert a decade of professional orchestra IRS Forms 990 returns into a keyword searchable database with filtered results. A Kickstarter campaign took place in the spring of 2014 but ultimately fell short of the …

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