2015 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Executives

2015 Compensation Reports Executives

The 2012/13 season continued the overall field-wide trend of heated labor disputes; the Minnesota Orchestra went dark for the entire season while the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra lost most of their season and the Indianapolis Symphony had a shorter, but equally bitter, shutdown. When combined with a higher than normal number of partial year compensation entries among the higher budget orchestras, expanded efforts become necessary in order to process data that …

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2015 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Introduction

2015 Compensation Reports Introduction

As is the case with every annual orchestra compensation report, the most important element to keep in mind is these figures encompass the 2012/13 season. Although it isn’t unusual to expect that the most recent figures available would cover the previous season, in this case 2013/14, that’s not how things work thanks to a few key elements: Most professional orchestras maintain a fiscal year structure that begins and ends at some …

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Minnesota Musicians Ratify Substitute Pay Disparity Through 2020

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On 5/19/2015, the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra (MOMA) ratified a 3.5 year collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with their employer, the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA). The new agreement begins 2/1/2017 and expires on 8/31/2020; at the beginning of the 2019/20 season, the base musician annual salary with electronic music guarantee (EMG) will by $110,604 and the number of salaried musicians will increase to 94 (although the CBA continues to define the …

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Time For Updates

2015 updates

Thanks to some recent upgrades in the publishing framework that powers most of my web development work, there are a number of updated pages at Adaptistration and OrchestraConsulting.com. One of the biggest improvements is the ease of creating full width content sections, which you can see in action at the updated Blog Policy & Code Of Conduct page. You can also find updated “About” content for the blog and author overview …

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Look Like A Design Genius With These Photoshop Templates


A good Photoshop (PSD) template can save hours of time and frustration when designing branding elements for social media platforms and over the past year, you’ve probably noticed the trend toward larger, full width header images. These look terrific and since every major social media platform functions within a responsive website environment (where content is relocated across different browser widths) that means you can no longer be lazy and put together …

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