Compensation Reports Are On Their Way

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The 2015 Orchestra Compensation Reports are in the process of wrapping up. Initially, they were scheduled to be published this week but an unusually large number of requests for clarification in order to get all the necessary pieces of the puzzle in place have slowed the process down enough to justify the small delay. Another item that has slowed things down a bit is the inclusion of few new groups this …

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Here’s Something Every Artist And Ensemble With A Facebook Profile Should Do

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Although there are no shortages of annoyances whenever Facebook rolls out new features, every now and then they offer up a sincere gem and in case you haven’t seen it yet, the latest addition in that collection currently in testing is the name pronunciation guide. As of now, the pronunciation function seems to be limited to individual profiles and setting it up only takes a few moments. To get started, you’ll …

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“Did You Know We Were Paying The Musicians?”

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Updates are a good thing. So are interns. Put them together and you get a brand new layout for Who’s Minding The Score?. The funniest satire-fortified carton about orchestra life to grace the intertubes. The new design sports lazy loading which means you can get through each cartoon in the series without reloading a single page (it is also the inspiration for Netflix’s autoplay feature when watching series programs and subsequently, …

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It’s A Good Day To Be A St. Louis Arts Org

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Rental car magnate, Jack C. Taylor, is embracing old school philanthropy and plans to donate $92.5 million “to an array of cultural, educational and historical institutions, predominantly in St. Louis” (h/t slippedisc). According to the press statement released by Taylor’s company, Enterprise Holdings, the third largest gift of $10 million is earmarked for the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra’s (SLSO) endowment fund. According to the press statement, here’s the full list (emphasis …

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Cellist Steven Brubaker Still Missing

It has been two weeks since Tucson Symphony Orchestra cellist Steven Brubaker went missing and to date, there has been no new information in the case. According to the Tucson Police Department, Brubaker, 54, was last seen Thursday, May 28th, 2015 in the area of his residence. Brubaker missed a rehearsal, and a performance over that weekend and according to fellow musicians, it is unlike Brubaker to miss so much without …

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