Are You Subscribed To Adaptistration’s Per Post Email Notices? If So, You May Need To Resubscribe

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You know what they say about best-laid plans and even though Adaptistration has relied on WordPress to deliver its per-article email notifications for the last several years, some recent changes in how they manage that process makes it a less reliable option. More importantly, it seems that they’ve “temporarily” misplaced the blog’s existing subscription list. So while they are trying to find out what happened to it, anyone who was previously …

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Become A Smart Object Hero

The good news is that high quality software and apps, such as Adobe Creative Suite, are becoming increasingly more affordable for nonprofit performing arts originations. The bad news is that because they’ve been unobtainable for so long, too many managers don’t have the skills they need to really maximize what they can accomplish with those tools. Sure, you can explore options for taking in-person or online courses but that’s where time …

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You Must Be This Smart To Enjoy This Music

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Show of hands, who’s guilty of telling someone who doesn’t attend concerts regularly one piece or another is “too much” for a new listener? I certainly used to be that way. As a product of early 90s conservatory programs, the whole “great art” thing was practically spliced into our DNA. Fortunately, not all the professors bought into that nonsense and the seeds they planted ultimately grew into waking up one day …

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Leading By Example In Seattle

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We’re going to do something out of the ordinary today in that this will be a purely promotional post. Specifically, I want to draw attention to the Seattle Symphony Orchestra’s (SSO) Music Beyond Borders: Voices from the Seven concert that took place on 2/8/2017. The concert is unique and worth special attention for a few key reasons: It tackles the high profile political issue of the immigrant ban head-on by programming …

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When It Comes To Federal Funding, It’s Good For The Goose Only When Convenient

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In the wake of yesterday’s vote to make Betsy DeVos the new Secretary of Education, I only have a short post today. It’s tough to miss the irony of a conservative majority Senate approving a Secretary who is such an inexorable backer of directing public money to private academic institutions (charter schools) when it also espouses the arts and humanities should survive based solely on demand based economics. The field will …

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