Artist Bios #LoveToHate

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If there’s a reliable topic that can always get stakeholders talking, it’s artist bios. You’re sure to hear plenty about the mind-numbingly dull regurgitation of “where I’ve been,” “who I’ve performed with,” and “what I performed.” But complaining is easy; writing an engaging and thoughtful bio is hard. This is exactly why so many artists struggle with the task. Those starting out or not overly focused on spotlight oriented positions haven’t …

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An Update On The White House Petitions To Save The NEA/NEH

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Since last week’s post pointing out potential problems with the White House petitions requesting that the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) not properly registering signatures, it seems that some registrations are being recorded (h/t Brian Wise). As of Sunday afternoon (2/5/17), one petition has 65,239 signatures while the other has 13,312. Personally, I find the former petition to be the better of …

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Are You Interested In An Online Learning Platform Geared Toward Arts Orgs And Artists?

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Thanks to some especially thoughtful reader feedback at, the team has been exploring the idea of creating an online learning platform specializing in developing key skills from the perspective of arts managers, practitioners, and individual artists. Although there’s no shortage of online learning outlets, the material in this potential environment would be covered within the context of daily challenges faced by those inside the field. Think of it like regular …

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Who’s Your Audience? Turns One

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One year ago, Inside The Art’s latest blog was launched and since then, Who’s Your Audience? has been a big hit with readers. I had a feeling the blog’s author, Douglas Rosenthal, would be someone readers connect with. Instantaneously charming, his personality rises above typical descriptions such as passionate and enthusiastic. Consequently, he’s an ideal voice to provide an outlet that not only allows him to speak his mind, but share what he describes as delighting …

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Beloved Is Only The Beginning

Hot off the heels of last Friday’s #BanBeloved post, Ceci Dadisman authored an article at that dives deeper into problems that are nothing more than the byproduct of using overly complicated, technical, and flowery messaging. And since it’s ArtsHacker, it isn’t just a rant (#GuiltyAsCharged). Instead, she provides several useful tools and insights on how to avoid those bear traps. The post also covers how to avoid using stogy photos …

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