Out, Damned Spot! And While We’re At It, Dashes, Underscores, Asterisks, And Spaces Should Get Out Too

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If you’ve ever had to use a batch of images that have a bunch of special characters embedded into the filename, you know how much of a time-suck it is to remove all of those before you get a pretty filename* that’s easy to read. Fortunately, there’s a shortcut out there waiting to save you hours of time. Better yet, it’s 100 percent free! All you need to do is download …

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Animals Really Do Make Everything Better

Cat and the Fiddle

It probably happens far more often that some might think, but animals aren’t all that shy when it comes to walking out on stage during concerts. One of the more recent examples was caught on video during a Vienna Chamber Orchestra concert with pianist Fazil Say in Ephesus, Turkey June 20th. Say posted the video showing the dog casually walking out on stage and settling in at the concertmaster’s feet. Cutest …

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Getting Beyond Follower Count

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There’s an intriguing post from Jonathan Eifert at ArtsHacker about building your brand as an artist and growing social clout into a selling point. I’ve been telling artist clients this for years from the perspective of incorporating current social metrics into promotional materials. Eifert’s post goes into several additional areas on this topic but regarding converting social clout into value, the more you can demonstrate quantifiable conversion value via your own …

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Smartphone Program Notes Are Back In The News

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Musical America recently published an article about EnCue, a real time program notes app for iOS and Android devices. The idea has been around since 2003 (remember Palm Pilot based Concert Companion?) but like so many topics in this field, it just can’t seem to break free of the same old, tired, discussion points. Let’s summarize the conversation: “Glaring screens will be a distraction.” “I get to use my phone in …

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Low Hanging Fruit Monday: Easy & Useful Social Posts Over The Summer

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If you manage your organization’s social media accounts, you know how difficult it can be to come up with relevant posts that don’t come across as “I can’t think of anything else to post.” If your organization has outdoor events, posting screencaps of weather forecasts is a simple and effective option. Even if your events are indoors, it can still be useful, especially after a long patch of bad weather that …

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