If You’re An Arts Org Executive, You’ll Want To Read This

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Make no mistake, it’s wonderful to see a staffer or manager nominate his/her executive; in fact, the panel ended up selecting two very deserving executives as recipients. Having said that, it was difficult not to feel somewhat dismayed when there wasn’t a single executive who felt compelled to nominate an employee’s creative and successful project. Ideally, the 2017 program will see a healthy mix of submissions but until then, I want …

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Things That Make You Go Buh?!? When A Conductor Tells Children There Is No Santa Clause

No Santa

Sometimes, patrons leave a concert early to get at the front of the parking rush. It’s a reality of live events and yes, it can be frustrating for both fellow patrons and performers. But why on earth a conductor would be so offended as to retaliate by telling children there is no Santa Clause during a winter family show is stupefying. Nonetheless, that’s precisely what happened per multiple reports when conductor Giacomo …

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Here’s A New Year’s Resolution That’s Easy To Keep And Good For You

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You don’t have to look very far to see that there’s plenty of anxiety throughout the field to go around. If history is any indication, we tend to have a hair trigger gloom-and-doom reaction when it comes to negativity (remember the economic downturn?). So much so, there’s always a risk of it evolving into self-fulfilling prophecy, but here’s a simple resolution that can help you not only avoid that bear trap …

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