San Antonio Turns Down A Dark Path

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The San Antonio Symphony (SAS) negotiations took an ugly turn late Wednesday evening with the revelation that not only is a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) becoming less likely, but the successorship deal that would ultimately transfer governance to a new nonprofit is falling apart as well. In order to prevent these discussions from devolving into a hopelessly confusing mess of acronyms, we’re going to clarify who’s who by using some …

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#TBT Gaining Some Perspective On Pensions

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In light of recent news coming out of San Antonio Wednesday evening, I wanted to post a second #TBT article today pointing out a pair of articles from 2004 that explain how pensions work and ways they impact collective bargaining negotiations. These will be instrumental in helping you shape a necessary frame of reference when processing all of the pension related details coming to light via the San Antonio Symphony’s (SAS) …

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#TBT Three Years Of Hacking Arts Management

Recently, I published ArtsHackier’s 2017 Year In Review article and much like the previous two years, the site continues to enjoy steady growth and engagement. But the post made me think back to some of the posts here at Adaptistration where the site began as an idea then grew into a series of bigger and better offerings. Isn’t It About Time For an Arts Admin Version of Lifehacker? It’s Official: #ClickClickDone …

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In Boston, XX Marks Anything But A Spot On The Program


There’s a fascinating article in the 12/20/2017 edition of the Boston Globe by Malcom Gay about the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) being taken to task by local musicians and academics over the institution’s lack of diversity in its 2017/18 programming. In an open letter, the group pointed out that though the symphony touts its diverse programming, the 2017-18 season “showcases neither diversity nor innovation.” Of the 73 pieces scheduled to be …

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According To SAS Musicians, Deficits Reflect More On Governance, Not Capacity

Reflection or Projection

The Musicians of the San Antonio Symphony (MOSAS) published a newsletter on 12/23/17 that includes an article by Peter Flamm, San Antonio Symphony (SAS) Principal Timpani. According to Flamm’s article, the organization’s deficits aren’t the result of inadequate staff efforts or musician expenses. Instead, he suggests deficits over the past few decades should raise questions about governance. If advertising and promotion is unattractive or sporadic, ticket sales will be low and …

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