#TBT San Antonio Symphony Negotiations Turn Sour (Again)

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Over the summer, the San Antonio Symphony (SAS) made a surprise announcement that it was shutting down and assigning all mission related activity to a newly formed entity, Symphonic Music for San Antonio (SMSA). This included negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for the one set to expire on August 31, 2017. At the time, there were no shortage of questions related to how SMSA intended to move forward given …

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Your Company Has A Basketball Team? That’s Great, Mine Has An 80 Piece Orchestra

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There’s a fun article by JP Mangalindan in the 12/19/17 edition of Yahoo Finance that examines the company sponsored 80-piece orchestra at Amazon.com. Although doctors’ and lawyers’ orchestras have a long history, I can’t think of another volunteer orchestra this size organized entirely within a single company (I’d love to hear about others). Although the article doesn’t clarify exactly how much of a budget the group receives, it reports Amazon provides …

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ACTION ALERT: Time To Call The Capitol Switchboard

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The fine folks over at The National Council of Nonprofits created a chart detailing how the GOP tax plan will impact nonprofits (h/t Opera America). It’s been updated to include the post conference committee version of the bill and goes so far as to examine the dynamic impacts as well as the big, obvious box of trouble it delivers on the doorstep of nonprofits. If you’ve been following the bill along …

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Large Donor Burnout: Hype Or Reality

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In the wake of the economic downturn, we’ve heard a lot about large donor burnout. The large donor well running dry is a frequent talking point during labor disputes and it’s common to see employers leverage permanent concessions as a demand from one or more existing large donors as a condition for continued giving. What started as a call for “sustainability” has risen to the level of nonprofit sacrosanct. Is there …

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