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The National Arts Marketing Project Conference (#NAMPC) started rolling session pages for their Nov 9-12 conference in Seattle, WA and that means my Everything Tech Providers Wished You Knew About Writing An RFP (Plus The Stuff They Want To Keep Secret) has its very own digital corner of the conference site. My co-presenter and I have made some adjustments to the session, so it’s geared to be even more applicable to …

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#TBT Moving (In) Day

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As someone who works in the arts, I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate that over the past 18 years, I’ve only had two moves; one of which was to a new location in the same city. Today marks move number three and, fortunately, it’s another intra-city move. Knock on wood, everything will unfold as planned but sometimes, moves are anything but controlled. Case in point, and the subject of today’s #TBT, is …

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Talking Compensation

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Ever since the very first Orchestra Compensation Report, the goal of the annual series is to help get past surface value salaciousness and into thoughtful conversation. To that end, I am very proud to see the topic continuing to take root across several mediums. While away on hiatus, the New York Times published an article on 7/27/18 by Zachary Woolfe that takes a very deep dive into this issue. To date, …

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“Take action now…because it is simply the right thing to do.”

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It’s one thing to gripe about something and something else to help make things better. In the wake of yesterday’s post about sexual harassment and the employer’s responsibility for creating an atmosphere capable of protecting those who need to file complaints, I published an article at ArtsHacker with some excellent resources you can use to reach those goals, regardless of budget size. How To Go About Creating A Harassment Reporting Process …

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Some Thoughts On The Washington Post Sexual Misconduct and Assault Article

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Note: this post was originally published as an essay on my Facebook wall while I was away on hiatus. This is an updated version. In the wake of the Washington Post’s 7/26/18 article that reports allegations of sexual assault against Cleveland Orchestra concertmaster William Preucil, there has been no shortage of online discussion. Given how small this business is, the bulk of those conversations run emotionally hot. Simply put, it’s difficult …

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