IT’S NOW OR NEVER! Today Is The #19NTC Voting Deadline

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Today is the deadline for voting at the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference (#19NTC). So if you haven’t done so already, I would be crazy grateful if you took a moment to swing by and vote for one or more of my sessions. You will need a registered user account to vote but they have got that process down to a science. It takes less than a minute to registrar and it delivers …

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This Is Why I love My Readers

After publishing last Tuesday’s post on the Utah Symphony’s Rock Stars marketing campaign I was braced for at least some degree of snark but across every single social media platform where discussions ensued, I couldn’t find a trace. In today’s chimp-navigated, troll-powered social media environment, I have to say that genuinely put a smile on my face. Moreover, so much of the feedback was fascinating. And since it unfolded across multiple …

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Cross Device Tracking Is Coming Your Way

Let’s say a patron sees one of your organization’s Facebook ads on their Smartphone on the way to work but doesn’t buy a ticket (because #driving). Later that same day while visiting from their office desktop (company resources for personal use #gasp), they see the same ad but this time around, they purchase a ticket. Would you assign different values to each device type the patron used to connect with the …

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More On Women Composers And 2018/19 Programming

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Back in February of this year, we examined the issue of 2018/19 programming and its inauspicious lack of women composers at several large and mid-size budget orchestras. At that time, Alex Ross’ tweeted a blurb about the lack of women composers and since then, the topic has drawn attention from a wide range or stakeholders. One of the latest entries is an excellent commentary piece from Peter Dobrin in the 8/23/2018 …

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