Do We Really Want To Find Out How Much Is Too Much?

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William Blake wrote “you never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough” and while that packs plenty of good, it isn’t something you should want when thinking about how far you can push employees beyond a breaking point. Joe Patti published a thought-provoking post last week about the discouraging earning potential of artists in general, but it got me thinking about the broader nonprofit arts and …

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Speaking Of Time Wasters…

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There must be something in the air, yesterday I posted something about the time suck that are logo requirements and later that same day was a tweet from @ArtsAdminSay about the habit some foundations have of online grant applications that require uploading a PDF of the very information you just entered into several dozen different fields. TFW a grant requires an uploaded PDF application but then asks for the same information …

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Dear Funders: Your Logo Requirements Are Wasting Your Own Money

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Requiring grant recipients to display the logo from the company/foundation/agency providing a grant is a common practice. It highlights the funder’s support and that public attention can help inspire additional support. The whole thing works great…until it doesn’t. By nature, logos come in one of three basic aspect ratios (the proportion between width and height): Portrait (taller than it is wide Square (equal height and width) Landscape (wider than it is …

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After A Year Of Talking About The Topic, Orchestras Are Testing Influencer Marketing

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It’s always entertaining when big budget groups start doing something people in the field have been talking about for years but because it’s a big budget group, there’s some associated press that makes it seem like the idea is novel. Case in point, the 9/14/2019 edition of the Wall Street Journal published an article by Charles Passy that examines recent efforts from the New York Philharmonic to begin leveraging influencer marketing. …

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You Don’t See This Every Day

Here’s something you don’t see every day: the CEO at one of the largest budget orchestras stepping down out of the blue with nothing more than a 184-word press release announcing the news. But that’s exactly what happened yesterday at the LA Phil where the organization announced Simon Woods was no longer the CEO. The entire announcement was a scant 184 words: On behalf of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, Board …

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