The Conductor Who Knew Too Much

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As a follow-up to yesterday’s post examining the music director’s role in determining a musician’s overscale, a few readers reached out pushing about my “the stories I could tell” remark. After giving it some thought, there is one anecdote worth sharing. In this instance, I’m comfortable sharing the experience because everyone else directly involved is either out of the business, long retired, or passed away. I was hired by a principal …

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What Role Do Music Directors Play In Determining Overscale?

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Who determines how much a musician earns in overscale, the part of a musician’s individual agreement that deals with extra wages paid over and above the minimums guaranteed by the collective bargaining agreement? Is it the CEO, music director, the board, a combination, or none of the above? If nothing else, Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) principal flute Elizabeth Rowe’s lawsuit alleging sex-based pay discrimination is providing ample pretext for learning more …

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Helping Service Organizations Do More For Their Members

Performing arts service organizations have always been among the most intriguing and engaging clients because they always bring a wealth of projects to the table that require creative solutions. Case in point, one of my newest clients is the League of Chicago Theatres (LoCT), which serves more than 200 theatres in what for my money is the most vibrant theatre community in the country: Chicago. In their own words: The League …

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#TBT Who’s Who?

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Following the New Year’s resolution post earlier this week, I received a few notes from readers asking about writing some articles about who these stakeholders are and what they do. Fortunately, that already exists! Orchestra Governance Essays Share and enjoy.

You Don’t Have To Be A Frontend Developer To Take Advantage Of Frontend Dev Tools

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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is digging into content management tasks at your website with an eye toward accessibility, I have a terrific insider tip to make the job of color contrast compliance much easier. I published an article at ArtsHacker that provides step by step instructions on how to use Kontrast, an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers that allows you to quickly check and adjust color contrast …

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