After A Year Of Talking About The Topic, Orchestras Are Testing Influencer Marketing

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It’s always entertaining when big budget groups start doing something people in the field have been talking about for years but because it’s a big budget group, there’s some associated press that makes it seem like the idea is novel. Case in point, the 9/14/2019 edition of the Wall Street Journal published an article by Charles Passy that examines recent efforts from the New York Philharmonic to begin leveraging influencer marketing. …

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You Don’t See This Every Day

Here’s something you don’t see every day: the CEO at one of the largest budget orchestras stepping down out of the blue with nothing more than a 184-word press release announcing the news. But that’s exactly what happened yesterday at the LA Phil where the organization announced Simon Woods was no longer the CEO. The entire announcement was a scant 184 words: On behalf of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, Board …

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Time For Some Updates

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After three delays over the summer, I finally found the time to update my consulting and professional overview sites. The latter only required some minor copy tweaks, but the former was a different story as it had not seen any major updates in about three years. In addition to a complete redesign and new logo, there is a great deal of edited copy and new sections highlighting conference and speaking gigs. …

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It’s Trench Warfare In Baltimore

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The latest round of negotiations between the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) and their musicians have yet to produce a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Moreover, both sides are firmly entrenched into what have become do-or-die outcomes. The only new development is the employer offered a play and talk agreement under the terms of the now expired agreement with an expiration date of December 31, 2019. The musicians held a vote on …

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It’s a Tough Job But Someone Has To Do It (Spoiler: It’s You)

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I’ve been anxious to get the latest installment in my series on better web accessibility through content management published. It’s taken some time becasue it’s one of the more step-filled tasks in the series so there’s a good bit to cover. Having said that, it’s also one of the most important tasks: assigning image alt text. In a nutshell, image alt text is what allows site visitors with visual impairments to …

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