Do You Want More Earned Income Revenue In 2020? Then Here’s What You Should Expect From Your Ticketing Providers

Regular readers have heard me complain over the years about artificial limitations ticketing and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms place on earned income potential. One of the more popular posts on the topic was from 2015 where we examined how limitations in ticketing functionality were synthetically influencing discussions on earned income strategy. To Subscribe, Or Not To Subscribe, That Is NOT The Question Fast forward a few years and I’m sad …

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The Coming Arms Race That Is Robot Driven Handwritten Notes

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There’s a great article in the 12/21/2019 edition of The Washington Post by Abha Bhattarai that examines the booming business of robots that craft handwritten cards and letters. While the technology has been around for a few years, vast improvements in quality and lowered price points have conspired to attract a wide range of businesses, including nonprofits. One of the leading providers in the field is Handwrytten, which is featured in …

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Happy Holidays From Adaptistration

Happy Holidays from Adaptistration

For the first time in a very long time, I am taking the week off from blogging and will be back in the saddle on Monday, 12/30. Until then, I hope everyone enjoys a safe and relaxing holiday! If you plan on seeing the new Star Wars film, be on the lookout for a prominent cameo from composer John Williams. From what I understand, it’s the first time he’s had a …

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Your Tour Has Daddy Issues


The 12/16/2019 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an article written by Jeremy Reynolds that takes a hard look at the pros and cons of international touring. As a conduit for discussion, the article uses recent Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) excursions. Regular readers know this was a popular topic in the blog’s early years and while I haven’t written about it in a while, my perspective remains mostly unchanged. In a …

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#TBT Stewards Of Public Trust

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All of the recent brouhaha at the Grand Teton Music Festival (GTMF) is a good reminder that we can all benefit from focusing on what should be the fundamental duties and responsibilities for board members. It’s all too easy to get wrapped up into turf wars, tribalism, etc. but the entire US nonprofit model relies on board members to remain dispassionate stewards of public trust. The moment it erodes past that …

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