Shop Talk Guest and Episode Archives Are A Thing

With 13 Shop Talk episodes recorded and more planned, it’s high time for some organization. To that end, there’s a dedicated landing page with links to the main episode archives, guest list with episode links, and a Last Call archive. It’s available 24/7 from the navigation menu under “Archives.” I’m very happy to see the series is growing in popularity with each new episode, so thank you for finding the content …

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A Time For Wellness

I decided to move the articles originally scheduled for yesterday and today to next week. Considering the insurrection in Washington D.C., they are simply too disconnected. Instead, I want to focus today’s post on the need for wellness. If there was ever a time to remember music’s value as a coping mechanism, it’s now. To that end, I want to highlight an initiative in development at the Wichita Symphony that focuses …

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Knoxville Settles

Over my holiday break, there wasn’t much change among groups embroiled in labor disputes. The key word there is “much” and one positive change that transpired came from the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra (KSO). On 12/28/2020 the employer and musicians issued a joint press statement announcing they reached an agreement that covers the remainder of the 20/21 season. While details surrounding the specific issues at the root of the dispute are not …

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Shop Talk S01E11: Being A Content Creator Before It Was Cool

Being funny is hard. Learning the array of digital platforms needed for content creation is hard. Doing all of that at the same time with tools from 15 years ago in the classical music field is insane, but that’s exactly what Jeff Curnow did. If doing all of that weren’t enough, Curnow is also the associate principal trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra and former member of the Empire Brass Quintet. This …

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Starting 2021 With An Empathetic Perspective

While vaccine rollouts are helping performing arts organizations take a serious look at season planning schedules, furloughed artists and arts admins have yet to see the rays from the light at the end of that tunnel. In order to gather a better understanding of just how deep those economic cracks run, I want to point out two articles of note that came out while I was on holiday break. The 12/26/2020 …

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