Vax Policy Database Entries See 10% Increase

Over the past week, the Vax Policy Database saw a 10 percent increase in the number of entries and at the time this article was written there were 222 organizations across the following sectors: 85 orchestras (+9) 28 opera and chorus (+1) 70 performing arts centers (+3) 17 dance companies (+1) 22 theatres (+6) Of those groups, the lion’s share of organizations still requires all four stakeholder groups to be fully …

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It’s Going To End In Tears

No, this isn’t photoshop, it really is a gargantuan violin designed to function as a floating stage. Bonus points for can-do attitude and you can read the New York Times article to learn more but really, is there any way this doesn’t end in tears…or lawsuits…or insurance claims?

Every Single Page At Your Website Needs A Goal

Conversion goals are one of those odd things every arts marketer seems to know they need but for whatever reason, most groups have too many webpages with zero goals. For those on the outside of marketing-jargon, conversion goals are the thing you want a visitor to do at your website. For the most part, they can be broken down into three basic types: Revenue generation: purchasing a ticket or making a …

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Not Letting Staff “Suffer Your Fantasies Of Self-Victimization”

Just Google “flight attendant assault” and you’ll find no shortage of news and video clips of passengers physically and/or verbally attacking flight attendants as a result of their refusal to accept pandemic safety protocols. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this vitriol has spread to every sector but instead of simply rolling with the punches or quoting public policy, one music director decided to speak up on behalf of his orchestra’s staffers. Georgia Symphony music …

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Even More Data On Required Vaccination Policies

Pew Research Center has recently published data on the public’s comfort level in engaging in certain activities during the pandemic and whether they would favor showing proof of vaccination (h/t Ceci Dadisman).  Spoiler: most of the adults they polled favor vaccination requirements for live concert events. The report isn’t focused exclusively on live concert events and covers a broad range of activity influenced by vaccination status. But that doesn’t make it any …

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