Not Dead Yet: QR Codes

One of the more intriguing byproducts of the pandemic is its influence in bringing QR codes back into mainstream use. We’ve been examining their potential for more than a decade and while their popularity has ebbed and flowed, they are currently riding a high thanks in large part to mobile operating systems doing a much better job at recognizing and processing code actions. There’s an excellent article at Smashing Magazine by …

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Apparently, Apple Wants To Bring Back QR Codes

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Ceci Dadisman published an interesting item of note over at ArtsHacker about Apple’s decision to integrate an always-on scanner into iOS devices. This means no more having to download and start up a third-party app to read a code. Back in the day, QWR codes were looking like the next big thing in marketing; in fact, it was a topic we covered here on several occasions. But QR codes only found …

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Smart QR Code Design For Maximizing Conversion From Mailings

It’s always fun when unrelated items converge in just the right way at just the right time to uncover something useful. Case in point, I received four single show sales mailings from performing arts organizations (one orchestra, one opera, and two performing arts centers) and a domain name renewal notice and when all five pieces were strewn across the desk, it was tough to miss how the renewal notice was vastly …

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The Arts Administrator's Guide To Becoming A QR Code Superhero

Oh the places you’ll go thanks to the help of QR codes, those little black and white boxes that can be scanned by smartphones. Thanks to a recent news item from the National Arts Marketing Project, it seemed like it was time to review everything you wanted to know about QR Codes but were afraid to ask. So if you’re not already familiar with QR Codes, here’s the low down on …

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Is It time To Retire Your Print Communication?

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Virtual show of hands: how many of you still use print newsletters? My hunch is more than a few of raised your hands. Now, for those of you who did, when was the last time you quantified their impact and engagement? Print newsletters and/or magazines are one of those odd evolutionary throwbacks in the world of arts communication. In their heyday, they were the apex predator of engagement and status. But …

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