Next Gen Donor Communication

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When it comes to donor communication, one of the most common methods to segment lists is donor level. While that may seem intuitive, you’re almost certainly leaving money on the table. As an alternative, Ceci Dadisman published an article at ArtsHacker this week that provides four key aspects of moving your donor communication to the next level. Identify your most highly engaged donors, no matter their “level”. Create messaging that will …

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“Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.”

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Well here’s a lovely ray of sunshine for music and culture after that dig from the latest Spider Man movie: the latest season of Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot kicks off the season with a visit to Quincy, IL where the quintet focuses their collective efforts on the high school’s music director (h/t Ceci Dadisman). A few key elements make this a particularly endearing episode and good for classical music all around: …

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Get A Glimpse Behind The Grant Panel Curtain

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As if he wasn’t already bringing his A-Game on a regular basis, Joe Patti recently published an article at Butts In The Seats that provides a behind the scenes look at one of the more cloistered processes in the business: the grant panel review process. If that weren’t a good enough topic in and of itself, it’s wrapped inside the context of barriers to engagement; both perceived and tactile. I mentioned …

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It’s Gala Season, How Does Your Group Handle Silent Auctions?

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It’s spring and that usually means nonprofit galas are in full swing. For whatever reason, I’ve been attending quite a few this year and while the format is similar, execution varies. One common element that sees a great deal of variation is the silent auction component. On one hand, there’s the old school, pen and paper approach. It’s super affordable and I’ve seen it applied to great effect everywhere from intimate …

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Are You Straight On How The New Tax Laws Impact Valuating And Acknowledging Donations?

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I won’t even pretend to have a comprehensive understanding of how the new tax laws impact a nonprofit’s requirements for valuating and acknowledging donations. Fortunately, Joe Patti recently published an article at ArtsHacker that covers several points of contact that should serve as good places your organization should to begin having these discussions with your accountants and attorneys: Acknowledging Donations Deducting Benefits Be Careful With Donor Advised Funds Acknowledging Other Things …

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