Keeping An Eye On #GivingTuesday

It’s #GivingTuesday and as we examined earlier in the month, I’m very curious to see how the pandemic impacts participation and messaging. The plan for today is updating the post to point out anything that sticks out on either side of the spectrum. You can follow along by checking in here at the post or keeping an eye on Adaptistration’s Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook feed and in the meantime, weigh in …

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Is Your Organization Launching A GivingTuesday Campaign?

Giving Tuesday is Nov 30 this year and while it was no surprise that 2020’s event was one many groups decided to skip, I’m curious to see what transpires this time around. More to the point, I’m curious to see if/how the pandemic will impact the way groups approach crafting campaigns. I could only find two examples in my email archive of campaigns from 2019 and while that’s hardly a representative …

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Donor Cultivation Tracking Software Results

Thanks to everyone who submitted a response to last week’s survey on the pros and cons of donor cultivation tracking software. The results were interesting in that they were weighted in the opposite direction from what I tend to hear from development professionals when talking to them. Do you use donor cultivation tracking software that is part of your organization’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management platform)? Respondents that indicated they didn’t use …

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Survey: What Do You Think About Donor Cultivation Tracking Software?

Over the years I’ve had some fascinating conversations with development professionals on the pros and cons of donor cultivation tracking software. By and large, those I speak with either swear by them or curse them as a one-size-fits-none time suck. With the explosion of purpose-built apps, there are quite a few dedicated donor management apps, most of which offering some pretty slick cultivation tracking tools. Some are completely self-contained while others …

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If There Was Ever A Time To Consider Loyalty Programs, It’s Now

A recent post from Joe Patti examines a report from the Advisory Board for the Arts that found “while people may donate at a certain level to gain perks, taking away those perks won’t cause them to reduce their giving, by and large.” This is certainly good news for arts orgs in a post-COVID environment, but it also brings up some intriguing dynamic considerations that focus on generating the most revenue …

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