It’s Time For Hero Donors To Give Like It’s 1984

If there were ever a time for foundations and large donors to step up, it’s now. It’s striking to see how little we’re hearing about these funders amidst public statements of planned health care benefits cancellations during expected peak times of the coronavirus outbreak. An article in the 3/31/2020 edition of the Washington Post examines how tough things are right now for New York City arts organizations. And while there’s reference …

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How Much Is That Donation In Relative Terms

Adaptistration People 040

We hear it all the time: the donor community is feeling tapped out and there just isn’t any more to give. While that may be subjective, it doesn’t mean we can’t quantify the relative value of large donor gifts in a way everyone else can connect with. To that end, the Washington Post published an article on 1/30/2020 that examined the relative value of the $11 million Super Bowl ad presidential …

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Do You Want More Earned Income Revenue In 2020? Then Here’s What You Should Expect From Your Ticketing Providers

Regular readers have heard me complain over the years about artificial limitations ticketing and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms place on earned income potential. One of the more popular posts on the topic was from 2015 where we examined how limitations in ticketing functionality were synthetically influencing discussions on earned income strategy. To Subscribe, Or Not To Subscribe, That Is NOT The Question Fast forward a few years and I’m sad …

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The Coming Arms Race That Is Robot Driven Handwritten Notes

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There’s a great article in the 12/21/2019 edition of The Washington Post by Abha Bhattarai that examines the booming business of robots that craft handwritten cards and letters. While the technology has been around for a few years, vast improvements in quality and lowered price points have conspired to attract a wide range of businesses, including nonprofits. One of the leading providers in the field is Handwrytten, which is featured in …

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How Is Your Organization Approaching #GivingTuesday This Year?

Giving Tuesday

Ever since its launch, #GivingTuesday had become a staple in most nonprofit organization’s fundraising schedule. Since then, it’s become everything from a much-needed holiday giving boost to a trigger for donor fatigue. I’m very curious to learn more about your experiences. Specifically: Have you experienced donor fatigue and if so, what steps have you taken to adjust solicitation material? Do you find the Toolkit Content provided by #GivingTuesday useful? Do you …

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