Editorial Cartoon: Bully For Them!

It seems that last week’s article about whether or not the Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA) is still competitive with attracting and retaining top talent among its peer group caught the attention of Dixon, Adaptistration’s Editorial Cartoonist. Like any good cartoonist, the article’s bar chart illustrating the POAs change in rank was what he focused on and it inspired him to put together today’s editorial cartoon; A Poignant Power Point Presentation In Philly.

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Editorial Cartoon: Age Of Executives

Not every generation gets to live during a period of major transition but everyone in the business today is lucky enough to witness what I like to call the dawn of the executives. For reasons I don’t remember (likely due to the gin being consumed during the conversation), a colleague and I were talking about the how the business has evolved over the past few decades.

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Editorial Cartoon: Philly Style Cooperation

New Economy Cooperation

It seems that the interpretation of unity is more flexible than ever as Peter Dobrin’s article from the 8/17/2011 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA) musicians sent a letter to their board that formally rejects the orchestra’s recent strategic plan along with taking issue over how their supposed role has been publicly portrayed.

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Editorial Cartoon: The Philly Plan

It seems that the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Peter Dobrin struck another chord with Dixon, Adaptistration’s editorial cartoonist. On 6/12/2011, the Inquirer published a comprehensive article from Dobrin that examines the artistic elements of the Philadelphia Orchestra Association’s (POA) new strategic plan. With excerpts such as “Artistic leadership by committee is a path to mediocrity.” it isn’t difficult to see where Dixon may have found his motivation…

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