Sometimes Silver Linings Are Cathartic

At this point, I am happy to take whatever silver linings I can find and when it comes to coronavirus shutdown silver linings, we’re all starting to see how much employees can accomplish through working remotely. We touched on this topic several weeks ago just as shutdowns were starting to roll out. Ready Or Not, Nonprofit Arts Orgs Need To Start Thinking About Working From Home Options As it turns out, …

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Why Non-Artistic Duties And Responsibilities Are More Important Now Than Ever

Even before coronavirus shutdowns, music director compensation was a hot topic, but the current environment introduces a new layer when the issue of shared sacrifice enters the picture. And while there’s plenty of good material to examine regarding releasing enough details for patrons to decide just how evenly sacrifices are shared, that’s not what this post is about. Instead, it’s about a music director’s ability to earn their keep, so to …

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State Of Employment Poll April 13 – 19

Since the onset of coronavirus related shutdowns, orchestras have been laying off and reducing hours for administrators and musicians alike. This weekly poll is designed to help provide a snapshot of stakeholder employment status. For staffers and managers, the questions are straightforward. Music directors (employee or independent contractor status) and staff conductor positions should respond as an administrator. For musicians, questions are specialized for salary and per-service level musicians. While there …

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LA Opera Determines Allegations of Sexual Harassment Against Domingo Are Credible

With all the COVID-19 news, you may have missed the LA Opera’s announcement that their investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against former General Director Plácido Domingo confirmed 10 counts of credible accusations. An article written by Jessica Gelt in the 3/10/2020 edition of the LA Times provides a good bit of detail. Here are some highlights that should catch your attention: Only a summary of the report will be released but …

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Curtis’ Latest Efforts In Damage Control Produce Mixed Results

Adaptistration People 153

Earlier this week, we examined how the Curtis Institute has engaged with former student and renowned violin soloist, Lara St. John, in the wake of her accusations she was the victim of sexual assault from a former Curtis violin teacher. Ultimately, St. John decided to publish a letter she wrote and addressed to Roberto Diaz, Curtis Institute of Music’s President. It included a list of conditions needed before St. John would …

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