Spoiler Alert: The Latest Spider Man Movie Takes A Swipe At Opera

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Over the holiday weekend, I went to the latest Marvel movie, Spider Man: Far From Home. With the exception of a single scene, it’s a typical installment in the tent-pole franchise but that exception is a doozy in that it takes a swipe at some of the worst stereotypes of live classical music concerts. Mild Spoiler Alert: in a nutshell, the protagonists need to hide a group of teenagers for a …

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It isn’t often that I get to talk about some of my more clandestine projects but today is a happy exception; in particular, this project covered the trio of days I was away earlier this month in New York City. And now that Opera America (OA) has announced their Building Opera Audiences Grants recipients, it is safe to mention that I had the honor of serving on the grant panel. Without …

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