Mixed Messages From Philadelphia

Let’s try an exercise in understanding today; we’re going to walk a mile in another man’s shoes. Imagine:

  • You’re a middle manager at a fictional company we’ll call Widget-Tech. Widget-Tech is a business with under 100 employees and has recently had a couple of bad years.
  • The big bosses at Widget-Tech have put together a long term financial plan designed to save the company and make them profitable again. Part of that plan calls for cutting operational expenses by 10 percent and so step 1 in that process is a reduction in the employee workforce by 10 percent.
  • The positions cut are mostly entry level jobs and a handful of middle managers, but luckily for you your job is still safe (for the moment).
  • Shortly after those staff reductions, the big bosses announce step 2 in the plan: everyone has to take a mandatory unpaid “vacation”.
  • Just when you thought you had things figured out (the big bosses must have some sort of mental handicap) step 3 begins: senior managers and big bosses get 3-4 percent raises.

What message do you think the big bosses are sending everyone? Would you feel motivated? What kind shape do you think company morale is in?

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The Money Drug

Adaptistration People 134

“orchestra musicians’ internal motivation is higher than any of the other groups studied, but their level of general job satisfaction is quite low below that of federal prison guards, in fact, and far below that of members of professional string quartets.” –  From a 1994 study by Jutta Allmendinger, Richard Hackman, and Erin V. Lehman. That’s a pretty heavy-duty finding.  Most non-players I talk to assume that orchestra musicians love their …

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