Survey: How Did Changing Jobs Work Out For You?

Adaptistration People 021

It is no secret that attrition and job turnover has plagued this field for decades. There are a host of reasons why that’s the case, but this article isn’t about that topic; instead, let’s learn more about what influenced the decision to change jobs and how satisfied they are with the change. Please note, this survey is open to both administrative and musician employees. Notice: this survey is now closed. Results …

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Smartphone Use During Event Poll Results (you might be surprised)

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Last week’s poll asking users whether or not venues should reconsider Smartphone use during show policies if it meant increasing repeat ticket buyer earned income by 25 percent or more generated a great deal of interest. At just over 1000 responses, it is the third most popular poll to date so it seems clear that the issue generated some strong feelings among readers. Having said that, the responses didn’t exactly generate …

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Salary Shell Game Survey Results

salary range survey results

We had just under 100 responses to the 6/3/15 survey asking readers their opinion on a variety of questions related to the practice of listing salary as “depends on experience” (DOE) in job descriptions and the results are, to say the least, thought-provoking. Respondents The overwhelming majority of respondents self-identified as job seekers and most of those indicated that job listings should include salary ranges. Among those who responded with “other” …

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Let’s Learn More About Ticketing Software And Loyalty/Reward Functionality

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The article from 1/30/2015 about ticket revenue and artificial restrictions resulting from technical limitations from ticketing providers generated a great deal of traffic and based on public comments plus private messages, it seems there is ample interest in exploring this topic to a greater extent. To that end, gathering some data is always a good place to begin; as such, I would be grateful for those of you among the ranks …

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