Updating The Employment Status For Displaced Orchestra Administrators

Back in September, we examined five months of data that measured the employment status of orchestra stakeholders. By the end of the that time, just over half of administrators were unemployed, with 31 percent indicating they were underemployed and only 17 percent were fully employed. I wanted to take a moment to gather some data on administrators that indicated being unemployed. Specifically, I think it’s important to discover how many remain …

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Print Vs. Digital Program Book Survey Results

Last week, I asked readers for some feedback on whether they were considering replacing print program books with a digital alternative when concert events start up in the Fall. We had just under 150 responses and the results were fascinating. If concert activity resumes in the Fall, does your organization plan on using print program books? Exactly half of the respondents indicated they weren’t sure what they were going to do. …

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Survey: Would You Be Interested In A New Dedicated Arts Admin Jobs Weekly Digest?

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Just when I think ArtsAdminJobs.com may have plateaued into a healthy cycle of listings, it always seems to jump up to the next level. To that end, there have been quite a few new listings several of which are featured. I all kinds of happy to see listings from such a broad cross section of groups. Yes, there are plenty from the orchestra field but you’ll find a number from the …

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Survey: Does Your Organization Use Cross-Domain Tracking?

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Google Analytics (GA) can easily track when a website visitor goes from one page to the next inside the same website but what happens if a visitor selects a “buy tickets” link on your website that delivers them to a third-party ticketing provider website. Can GA track the action between two different sites? Spoiler: yes, but… This is where cross-domain tracking enters the equation. Cross-domain tracking allows organizations to collect data …

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Survey: Does Your Website Use a SSL Certificate?

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In advance of an article in the works, I want to gather a bit a reader data about your organization’s website. Specifically, which ones have SSL certificates installed and if so, is it only for payment gateway requirements. In English, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is what allows a website to create a secure, encrypted connection which it then uses to transmit data. The most common use is connecting a website to …

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