Orchestra Docents Study Part 1

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062Certainly, a number of US based professional orchestras maintain docent programs, the bulk of which focus primarily on children’s educational outreach programs in the public schools.  One of the largest of these programs utilizes approximately 40 volunteers that lecture visiting school children on the music they are going to listen to and they also visit classrooms to teach children about classical music. Although these programs certainly generate positive results, they are representative …

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How to Save Classical Music – Step One

Step One – Establishing the Problem Getting people interested in classical music is easy.  The product sells itself with little effort beyond that from the extremely talented musicians required to create it.  So why are orchestras fighting to find replacements to plug the holes in their rapidly eroding patron base?  Why is it difficult to get more than 4% of a community’s population interested in their local orchestra?  Why is it …

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Orchestra Docents Study: Introduction

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Recently, I completed an analysis of the Denver Zoo volunteer docent program.  A docent is traditionally an individual who is a lecturer or tour guide in a museum or cathedral.  But contemporary avenues of service include many non profit organizations which have a great deal of public contact, such as zoos. I became introduced to the world of docents through my in-laws, who have been zoo docents for 15 years.  Throughout …

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