The Latest High Profile #MeToo Accusation

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The 8/22/18 edition of the New York Times published an article by Michael Cooper which reports on allegations that countertenor David Daniels drugged and raped a fellow singer in 2010. The singer, Samuel Schultz, a 32-year-old baritone, said in an interview on Wednesday that he had been drugged and raped by Mr. Daniels and Mr. Daniels’s partner, Scott Walters, who is now his husband, when Mr. Daniels was appearing at Houston …

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Houston Symphony Fares Slightly Better Than Opera, Ballet, and Theater Counterparts

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Houston area performing arts organizations have been making good use of social media by keeping stakeholders updated on damage estimates and related news. To that end, it appears that none of the larger budget organizations were spared although some fared slightly better than others.

Houston Arts Groups Begin Tallying Damage From Hurricane Harvey

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Although news continues to develop, the Houston Grand Opera (HGO) and the Houston Ballet, which share space at the Wortham Theater Center, have suffered flooding damage from Hurricane Harvey at that facility. At the time this article was written, the HGO’s website has been out of service for two days and scattered reports have been coming in about known damage. In advance of the storm, the ballet moved costumes up to …

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