Checking Up On The Soundcheck Programs

Last January I wrote an article that examined two unique programs at Toronto and Nashville designed to develop an audience base from the currently underrepresented below 30 demographic.  At that time, the numbers from the 02-03 season showed that the Toronto program had been very successful and the Nashville program was building momentum.

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A new audience in Toronto and Nashville

I recently found two orchestras that are actively implementing an idea that I’ve been advocating here for awhile: marketing to the under 30 demographic.  Conventional wisdom in this industry states that it isn’t worthwhile to market toward a demographic that is expensive to attract and notoriously fickle in their tastes.

But I don’t always buy conventional wisdom; I find that all too often it allows an organization to become self satisfied and no longer work to its maximum ability.  In essence, it creates a follower mentality, which in this business results in nothing more than a slow and painful demise.

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