How To Be A Patsy: The Machold Update

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Where would this business be without the reality show circus that is the world of buying and selling rare string instruments? Probably better off, but that isn’t the case. Nonetheless, an article by Carsten Holm (and translated from the German by Christopher Sultan) in the 5/10/2012 of Spiegel Online International brings us the latest (and incredibly detailed) installment in the life and times of the notorious Dietmar Machold (spoiler alert: it …

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Two Items Of Note

First up, on 4/3/2011 the New Jersey Star-Ledger published an extensive article written by Mark Mueller about the unfolding legal troubles which have contributed to violin dealer Dietmar Machold’s fall from grace. Among other items, the report recounts Machold’s involvement with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra’s (NJSO) Golden (Pyrate?) Age instrument deal that soured mere weeks after being plucked from the vine. Mueller calls it a “recurring bad dream for the NJSO” and rightly so…

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Does The Name Dietmar Machold Ring A Bell?

If the name Dietmar Machold doesn’t immediately register in your mind, no worries. That likely mans you aren’t involved or watch the high end string market very closely. But long time readers might recognize his name from the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra (NJSO) golden instrument debacle from 2006 where Machold played a key role in those developments. As it turns out, Mr. Machold was recently arrested to face charges of fraud and misappropriation…

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Things That Make you Go “Buh?” NJSO

The 3/20/2009 edition of the New York Times published an article by Dan Wakin that compares and contrasts the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra’s 2008/09 and 2009/10 seasons. Of particular note is the news that the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra (NJSO) is using orchestra musicians to reduce overall guest artist expenditures. Unfortunately, the way the programming decisions are presented sends a precarious message to ticket buyers…

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More troubled news coming from the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. Annual operating debt combined with a questionable instrument collection purchase has conspired to put the NJSO in a position where they have apparently opted for an arts administrator’s version of the Hail Mary pass: a massive withdrawal from their endowment…

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