Oregon Bach Fest Is Back In The News

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In what might feel like déjà vu at this point, the Oregon Bach Festival (OBF) is once again thrust into PR crisis mode shortly after their last brush fire seemed to be fading into memory. The latest incident was made public via the 1/26/2018 edition of the Eugene Weekly in an article by Bob Keefer. According to that article, the OBF hired a guest conductor, Jaap ter Linden, who was previously dismissed …

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The Oregon Bach Festival’s PR Crisis Just Got Weird

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Just when you thought things were settling into the “quietly fade away” phase, the Oregon Bach Festival’s (OBF) public relations crisis flared right back up. The latest outbreak surrounds a document obtained as part of a public records request from Eugene Weekly. The 11/14/2017 edition of the Eugene Weekly published an article by Bob Keefer which reports the contents of the letter suggest former artistic director Matthew Halls was being investigated …

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The Beleaguered Bach Festival

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Just when you thought the Oregon Bach Festival (OBF) may have been able to take off its PR damage control hat, the New York Times published a wonderfully comprehensive article by Michael Cooper on 9/18/2017 that thrust everything back into the limelight. Cooper provides all the overview and backstory needed to fully understand the scope of why this is such an excellent study in PR crisis management. In addition to well-worn …

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Speak No Evil: Oregon Bach Festival

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When all else fails, try burying bad PR under a sack of cash. That appears to be what the Oregon Bach Festival (OBF) and University of Oregon (UO) decided when it came to the snowballing PR disaster following their decision to end Artistic Director Matthew Halls’ three-year contract extension a mere two months after it was signed. An article by Saul Hubbard in the 9/14/2017 edition of The Register-Guard reports that …

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Are Things About To Go Sideways For The Oregon Bach Festival?

PR Crisis Management

There’s a study in PR crisis management unfolding in real-time via the Oregon Bach Festival’s (OBF) decision to terminate artistic director, Matthew Halls. If you haven’t been following the details, here’s what you need to know: In June, 2017, the OBF completed a contract extension with Halls through the 2020 season. Barely two months later on Aug 27, OBF issues a press statement announcing Halls was leaving the organization because the …

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