Speak No Evil: Oregon Bach Festival

Adaptistration People 210 large

When all else fails, try burying bad PR under a sack of cash. That appears to be what the Oregon Bach Festival (OBF) and University of Oregon (UO) decided when it came to the snowballing PR disaster following their decision to end Artistic Director Matthew Halls’ three-year contract extension a mere two months after it was signed. An article by Saul Hubbard in the 9/14/2017 edition of The Register-Guard reports that …

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Are Things About To Go Sideways For The Oregon Bach Festival?

PR Crisis Management

There’s a study in PR crisis management unfolding in real-time via the Oregon Bach Festival’s (OBF) decision to terminate artistic director, Matthew Halls. If you haven’t been following the details, here’s what you need to know: In June, 2017, the OBF completed a contract extension with Halls through the 2020 season. Barely two months later on Aug 27, OBF issues a press statement announcing Halls was leaving the organization because the …

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