An Interesting Turn Of Events In Palm Beach

Adaptistration Guy Out The Door

It only took one calendar year, but the Palm Beach Symphony (PBS) may be emerging from a season of “living in interesting times” following the public announcement that executive director Michael Finn is leaving his position. The PBS started making headlines in May, 2012 by making waves over an executive decision to bring in current students and recent graduates from The Juilliard School for concert event and in-school services. The result …

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Palm Beach Symphony Is Back In The News Again

They say there’s no such thing as bad press but the Palm Beach Symphony (PBS) might be testing that adage in the wake of a 12/2/2012 article in the Palm Beach Daily News by Jan Sjostrom that reports the orchestra is once again at the center of a labor controversy. The last time the PBS found itself in the hot seat was toward the end of the 2011-12 season when a …

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It Appears There Is More Under The Surface At Palm Beach

In case you thought the Palm Beach Symphony – Juilliard residency kerfuffle was done, it turns out that it was only the tip of a very unhappy iceberg. The Palm Beach Daily News published an article by Jan Sjostrom on 5/26/2012 that reports growing tension between the orchestra’s musicians and its Executive Director, Michael Finn.

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New Details About The Proposed Palm Beach Juilliard Residency

Following last week’s post about a proposed Juilliard residency vis-a-vis the Palm Beach Symphony that created quite an uproar in the comment section of the Palm Beach Daily News article announcing the program, it seems as though the initiative in its original form may be at an end.

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Invasion Of The Job Snatchers?

Zombieland 2: Tell Us How You Really Feel

Over the course of last week, a couple of regular readers pointed out two separate labor but related labor disputes. Both issues surround hiring practices and first up is the Fresno Grand Opera (FGO) where musicians recently went on strike hours before a scheduled event featuring soprano Renee Fleming. The other situation is on the other side of the country in Florida where the Palm Beach Symphony (PBS) is catching grief from local musicians over the decision to bring in current students and recent graduates from The Juilliard School for concert event and in-school services.

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