More Breaking News From St. Louis

Throughout this week’s drama surrounding the contract issues at the Saint Louis Symphony, there’s been a small PR campaign covering the larger philosophical issues of what’s keeping the musicians and management apart; and that smaller issue is one of culpability surrounding the wave of this week’s cancelled auditions and concerts.

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Breaking News From St. Louis

After speaking with representatives from the Saint Louis Symphony Management and the Player’s Association, more details surrounding the auditions and resulting situation have emerged. The Auditions I spoke with Jeff Trammel, Director of Communications for the SLSO and he said that: The orchestra’s management had contacted some of the individual orchestra musicians who were scheduled to serve on the audition committee (the group of musicians responsible for listening to audition candidates). …

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Checking Up On The Soundcheck Programs Part 2

To continue where Part 1 left off yesterday, this installment will continue the examination of a unique audience development initiative designed to attract the under 30 demographic.  Today’s article will focus on the soundcheck programs at the Nashville Symphony and the St. Louis Symphony.

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