Should Music Librarians Deserve Be Part Of The Collective Bargaining Agreement? St. Louis Symphony Doesn’t Think So.

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Sometimes, the most influential occurrences fly entirely under the radar. Case in point, an ongoing labor disagreement at the St. Louis Symphony (SLS) that may influence whether music librarians can be included in the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and therefore entitled to the same compensation, benefits, and protections as other orchestra musicians. The disagreement is straightforward: the SLS musicians believe librarians they should be included in the CBA, the employer doesn’t. …

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Easier Gigs

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The 1/24/2017 edition of the Wall Street journal published an article by Charles Passy that examines the decision by New York Philharmonic president Matthew VanBesien to depart his position in favor of taking a position as president of the University of Michigan’s University Musical Society. VanBesien is the latest orchestra CEO to exit for an academic post. Recent examples include Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s Trey Devey leaving for a position at the Interlochen …

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More On Orchestra Video Ads


Neo Classical author Holly Mulcahy authored a guest post at Norman Lebrecht’s Slipped Disc entitled Can You Sell An Orchestra On TV? Don Draper Can. that uses a recent TV spot from the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (SLSO) as a jumping off point for conversation. Mulcahy approaches the perspective by shifting the focus more toward the audience than the experience. It made me recall an effort from the League several years …

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And Now The SLSO Is Looking For A New CEO

Just a quick blurb today as I’m still getting caught up after my recent business trip to Chattanooga, but it’s worth noting that St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (SLSO) is now among the ranks of orchestras searching for a new CEO following the news that their current CEO is leaving the orchestra field for academia. The Baltimore Business Journal published an article by Joanna Sullivan that reports Fred Bronstein will be officially …

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Brassball SmackDown

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Admittedly, it was a mystery to me which teams were even in this year’s World Series until the wonderfully entertaining video from the respective brass sections at the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (SLSO) and Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) went live on 10/22/2014. The clever bit is the brainchild of SLSO Principal Trumpet Karin Bliznik and BSO Fourth/Utility Trumpet Michael Martin. I asked Martin about what went into making the video and …

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