No Mediation In The St. Louis Standoff

According to a recent press release from the SLSO musicians, their recent offer of allowing a mediator to help settle their negotiation impasse was rejected by the SLSO management.  According to a statement included in the press release, Jan Gippo, chair of the SLSO musicians’ negotiating team, said,

“We thought mediation would be worth a try to break the logjam we’re in and don’t understand why Randy [Adams] (SLSO president) would reject it out of hand.  Our two proposals are not that far apart.  Doesn’t he want a settlement?”

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There Has Never Been A Better Time For The Business

Over the past several years there’s been no shortage of newspaper articles and online discussions about the problems in classical music.  One of the more recent entries was from blogger, Greg Sandow.

In the article he talks about 15 separate he points to as basis for a crisis in classical music and out of those, it was the last few points which caught my attention and made me think.  For example, Greg writes about:

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Breaking News From St. Louis About Unemployment

Recently, the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations issued an initial ruling on the issue of whether or not the negotiation impasse between the musicians and management of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra resulted in a strike or a lock out. According to Tammy Cavender, spokesperson for the Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, a Deputy from the Division of Employment Security (the department responsible for overseeing unemployment insurance) …

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