Reader Response: Audience Participation

The recent series of ongoing discussions about the concert experience among those who participate in the cultural blog world has generated a great deal of poignant observation.  The majority of the discussions as of late have focused on whether or not he concert environment as it currently exists is everything it could be and what is an appropriate level of audience participation (if there is such a thing). There’s certainly no …

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Some Feedback On Management Philosophy

In response to yesterday’s article about managers who allow a “musicians are only part time employees” philosophy to become an obstacle to growth in the business, there have been a few new public examinations of the issue. One such observation comes from Patricia Mitchell at oboeinsight wrote what I think is one of the most eloquent accounts of what being a musician  who performs in ROPA ensembles is really all about. …

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Destructive Management Philosophy

One of the issues this blog is devoted to is the ongoing discussions and examination of orchestra management philosophy.  Even the seemingly innocent of attitudes and beliefs held by an orchestra’s executive management arguably shape organization’s future.

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I’m looking for a cartoonist somewhere out there who is interested in doing an ongoing project here at Adaptistration.  My artistic ability is on par with Harvey Pekar (limited to crude stick figures) so looking for talent elsewhere is the only available option. Requirements Artistic ability and enjoy drawing cartoons, B/W and color You can be a hobbyist, amateur, or professional Knowledge of orchestral concert halls and orchestral instruments a must …

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