DSO Denies Plans To Hire Replacement Musicians

BREAKING NEWS, 2/21/2011, 5:55pm ET: According to a press statement delivered by Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) Director of Public Relations, Elizabeth Weigandt, the organization does not have any plans to hire replacement musicians and asserts that “independent and inaccurate conclusions” were drawn in today’s Detroit News article which broke this story.
Last Updated: 6:28pm ET…

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DSO Negotiation Committee Recommends Against Ratification

According to reports in the Detroit Free Press by Mark Stryker and Detroit News by Michael Hodges, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) musicians’ negotiation committee recommended to their colleagues that they reject their employer’s latest offer…

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Decision Time In Detroit?

According to a report in the 2/16/2011 edition of the Detroit Free Press by Mark Stryker, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) submitted what it defines as “a final offer” to the musicians with a ratification deadline of 5:00pm ET, Thursday, 2/17/2011. UPDATE: management deadline and musician voting extended to Saturday…

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Maybe Michigan Simply Dislikes The Arts

Sensationalist headline aside (yes, we all know Michiganders don’t dislike the arts), Americans for the Arts distributed an action alert email on 2/15/2011 reporting that Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) introduced an amendment to add an additional $20.5 million on top of the proposed $22.5 million cut for the National Endowment for the Arts’ (NEA) remaining 2011 budget. If you live in New Jersey; well, what’s a stronger word than “dislike?”…

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