Detroit, Wisconsin, And The National Union Movement

Amidst last week’s Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) discussion threads, a reader asked about my thoughts on whether or not the DSO dispute is part of the growing union debate that began in Wisconsin. Since the question was posed, I’ve given it some considerable thought and have decided that whether or not any connection ever existed moot. Simply put, they’re connected now whether they want to be or not…

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Detroit Poll Friday

It’s been an eventful week in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) labor dispute. In particular, the brouhaha surrounding the Detroit News coverage of the replacement musician scheme set culture blogs and social media platforms ablaze. Speculation about intent flourished and although we had a number of productive discussions here, I realized that I never actively solicited an opinion. So it’s high time to rectify that…

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Lessons In Damage Control

If you’re anything like’s Susan Elliott, the one-two punch of interviews with Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) executive vice president Paul Hogle appearing in the Detroit News (here & here) which attempted to clarify the replacement orchestra brouhaha left you thinking “huh?” If that’s not confusing enough, an interview with DSO president Anne Parsons in the 2/21/2011 edition of the Detroit Free Press sent an equally mixed message…

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The DSO's Bombshell Of Profound Magnitude

The 2/21/2011 edition of the Detroit News published an article by Lawrence B. Johnson that reports the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) intends to hire replacement musicians if the current DSO musicians do not accept terms for an agreement that are “less generous” than the offer they recently rejected. Simply put, this turn of events has the potential to have a profound impact on the field for decades to come…

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