The Latest #MeToo Accusation Turns Into A Lesson On How Not To #PR

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The 7/25/2019 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer published an investigative article by Tricia L. Nadolny and Peter Dobrin that reports on alleged sexual assault at the Curtis Institute against a minor by a renowned violin teacher. To make matters worse, the victim alleges the school’s leadership actively buried her allegations then belittled the accuser. The Inquirer sums it up in one of the most concise and descriptive headlines I’ve seen on …

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So Is This A Remark That Sows, Or A Remark That Reaps?

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The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association held its second teleconference press conference on Monday, 3/18/19 and as luck would have it, I’ve been unable to attend both. Nonetheless, Chicago Tribune reporter Howard Reich authored an article for the paper’s 3/18/19 edition that includes his overview of the conversion. While most of the conversation seems unremarkable, one comment stood out. For those unaware, Chicago is amidst an historic mayoral election where the two …

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Is There Ever A Time Where Two Wrongs Make A Right?

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Every now and then, we get to watch a “don’t do it this way” scenario unfold in real-time. Case in point, the recent Twitter spat between Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (VSO) music director, Bramwell Tovey, and American University Associate Professor CAS – Performing Arts and author of The Artful Manager culture blog, Andrew Taylor. What Happened Tovey posted a tweet pointing out an oversight in that evening’s concert by way of excluding …

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Signs That Your PR Problem Is Worse Than You Think

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Recently, an advertisement from Microsoft masquerading as an infographic crossed my path which deserves credit because it took a moment to realize it was an ad. But once you get past that item, it becomes clear that it is an attempt to dig up out of a very deep PR hole. Titled “5 Microsoft Azure Myths Debunked” it is clear to even those outside of IT circles that their product is …

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The New Face Of Damage Control

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The Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) / Valentina Lisitsa firestorm is a good reminder that capable damage control and responsible flexing of social media muscle are important skills to develop and maintain. For organizations, damage control seems to be a lesson that is slow to matriculate. Remember the Richard Dare/NJSO crisis or the Detroit Symphony scrambling to backtrack on comments about hiring replacement musicians? Just wind your way through Adaptistration’s archives and you’ll …

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