2012 Blogging Year In Review

2012 was a stellar year for Adaptistration. Once again, new readers grew by leaps and bounds while overall readership continued its nearly decade long steady increase. One new area of growth was a spike in non-North American readers with big gains in Australia, Germany, Japan, and New Zealand. Popular Content Instead of spouting off a bunch of popularity stats, I thought it would be fun to use Adaptistration’s newest feature and …

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Some Graphic Inspiration For The New Year

Norman Lebrecht published an article at his blog Slipped Disc that focuses on some tremendous San Diego Opera (SDO) posters from artist R Black. Personally, I adore neo-constructivist style and Black’s SDO work is something everyone in the field should be paying attention to. So head on over to Lebrecht’s post to peruse all of the posters and take a moment to weigh-in with your thoughts for inspiration on the year ahead.

Fiscal Shenanigans: Relevant Now More Than Ever

Following the recent decision by 14 Minnesota state legislators to conduct hearings into their concerns over whether or not the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) misled lawmakers about the orchestra’s financial condition when it applied for, and received, millions of dollars in state assistance for the current hall renovations and subsequent operating fund endowment, it seems appropriate to revisit a topic that caused a bit of a stir when we initially examined …

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Here It Is, Your Moment Of Holiday Zen

You know it, you love, it, and it just isn’t the holiday season without it: The Messiah Organist On Crack. If this holiday classic is new to you, give it moment and hang in there until the end; I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s 0:43 of unfiltered Messiah goodness.

So Much For Tidings Of Comfort And Joy


Even through the holiday season is typically characterized by humanity and compassion, it doesn’t seem to be catching on at some of the brighter hotspots throughout the Season of Discontent. For example, the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) announced additional cancellations through February 10, 2013 on the same day they posted public statements indicating a desire to schedule bargaining sessions. The only real change in public tone from the MOA is mention …

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