Speaking Of Patron Driven Ethics

Following up on yesterday’s article on the impact of ethics on the current round of labor disputes, it is worthwhile to point out some recent efforts on behalf of patron stakeholders to influence the strategic decision making process within the context of a labor dispute. In St. Paul, the Save Our SPCO (St. Paul Chamber Orchestra) patron group is garnering local press attention for their efforts to influence the work stoppage. …

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Are Ethics A Lost Cause In The Orchestra Field?

The 10/26/2012 edition of the Nonprofit Quarterly published an article by Woods Bowman titled Nonprofit Accountability and Ethics: Rotting from the Head Down which examines the current state of nonprofit accountability, governance, and responsibility. Although applied to the broader nonprofit field (with particular attention toward charitable nonprofits), key elements from Bowman’s article can be applied to the orchestra field. In the wake of recent and ongoing stakeholder disputes in orchestras such …

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Growing Pains

If you’ve stopped by Adaptistration anytime in the past several days, you’ve probably noticed it moving v-e-r-y slowly at times. That’s the result of the blog being so damned popular that the amount of daily visitors is necessitating opening up some new hosting territory. On that point, it is genuinely humbling to know that so many folks are finding the content useful and I thank everyone in advance for patience while …

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Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down

There’s a terrific article by Brian Wise (with accompanying video by WQXR’s Kim Nowacki) published on 1/3/2012 at WQXR.com that reports on an ongoing project at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) and Parsons The New School for Design in New York City to study new designs for musician concert attire. And although I’m one who feels that tuxedos and formal women’s attire has a place on special occasions, the overall stage dress code …

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A Governance Review

In the process of writing an article about governance and ethics, it became clear that it would be useful to first provide a precursor article with an overview of who’s who within orchestra governance. One of the odd byproducts of increased public exposure by way of labor disputes is an increase in those on the outside looking in who have no idea how orchestra governance works. More often than not, the …

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